Monday, January 14, 2013

Product Review | January curlBOX

This past summer, I decided after wearing my hair straight for all of my adult life, to put down my flat iron and embrace my curly hair.  Now don't get me wrong, it's not like I didn't like my curly hair, I just didn't know how to maintain it (i.e. how to stop it from making me look like a big frizz ball).  It wasn't until I stumbled on a YouTuber by the name of Mahogany Curls that I learned about the curly girl method and how using regular conditioner as a leave in will help you define and preserve my curly locks.  Who knew? After watching all of her videos on YouTube, I wanted to know more (boy there is a LOT of great info on YouTube), so I watched video after video and read blog after blog; learning about hair type, different styling techniques and how shampoo is not a curly girls friend.  It was also during my research that I found out about the great subscription service called CurlBOX.
CurlBOX is an affordable and easy way to explore new hair care products delivered to your door every month.  The subscription service is $20/month, which wasn't too much and well worth giving it a try.  Plus I had heard so many good things about the service that I couldn't wait to sign up.  Lucky for me, I was able to snag a subscription when they became available in December for the January 2013 box.  I received mt first box this weekend and baybee I was NOT disappointed.

This is what came in my January box:

  • First Line Deep Stimulating Brush made from 100% boar bristles.  Since I wear my hair curly I try to stay away from using a comb and a brush, but I will use this on my daughter's hair or when I pull my hair back in a sleek style.
  • Creme Of Nature's Sulfate Free Shampoo, Argan Oil Intensive Conditioning Treatment and Perfect Edges 
  • Elentee Soy Organics Anti-Breakage Moisturizer
  • Mizani Supreme Oil
  • Oyin Handmade Hair Dew
This couldn't have come at a better time too, because I was planning on deep conditioning my hair this week.     I am happy with my overall experience with curlBOX and the quantity of products in the January box.  Now it's time for me to try them all!  Check back later with my thoughts on each of the products.

Your curly hair friend!


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  1. Hey Erica! Great post and I'm sure you will enjoy CurlBox. I was a subscriber for about 6months.