Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Photo A Day | Jan 1 - Today

Happy New Year!  On this first day of the New Year it was all about taking down holiday decorations and cleaning.  One of my goals for 2013 is to finally get organized; to remove all the clutter (both things and people) that add no joy or value to my life.  It's amazing how much "stuff" I hold on to and how all this extra "stuff" contributes to the stress and ciaos in my life.  First stop was the master bedroom and bathroom.  For some strange reason those two rooms seem to be hot spots for extra items (like the kids clothes and toys) the really shouldn't be there in the first place.  Armed with a large garage bag and two plastic storage containers, I started the de-cluttering process.  For each item that was not in it's "place" in the room there were three options - (1) put away (in it's correct location); (2) give away; or (3) throw away.  For me the process had to go quick in order for it to get done.  It took roughly an hour to get through both rooms (this includes vacuuming, dusting and moping) but boy was it well worth it.  After tackling those two rooms it was on to the kitchen and family room, which included taking down the Christmas tree and taking down the remaining holiday decor.    My plan is to have the whole house clutter free by the end of the week. 
So what did you do on the first day of the year?  What are some of your goals for 2013? 
Here's to an amazing 2013!

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