Monday, July 23, 2012

Get Fit | It’s time to put on my game face and win

This past Saturday, the Get Fit competitors met Executive Editor of Suwanee Magazine to learn about the new point system and all the amazing prizes we could win. 

Wait, did someone just say prizes? 

Seems that the staff at the magazine have been paying close attention to the contestants (which is expected) and found that some of us, okay MOST of us were losing steam.  Yes, we missed a workout…or two…or three; some of us went on vacation and forgot all about making healthy eating choices (isn’t what vacation is for?); and some of us just let life get the best of us and we were down for the count (having a stressful day = ice cream, do you feel me?) .  As a result many of us just weren’t doing what we committed to do and that is get healthy.

And yes, I was one of the guilty parties!

So, to sweeten the deal; to make things a little more exciting and I’m sure hoping to motivate us to get back in gear, they introduced the new point system.  

point system(2)

And here are all the prizes available to win…

the prizes(2)

So to start the week off right, I was up bright and early to get my workout in with Jake @ Fit Forward and it was a good one.  Although I was not a happy camper while actually doing the exercises at the end it felt good.  With the new points system and great prizes available to win I’ve got my game face on and I’m ready to take home the prizes.
Monday 7-23-12 workout

So Divya, Bill, Michelle and Ginny are you ready for a little healthy and friendly competition?  May the best man or woman win!


Please stop by the other Get Fitters blogs and encourage them on.  We all need it as we enter the last stretch of the challenge.

 Here’s to better health!

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  1. Great post, Erica! Remember when you fall off get right back up. You got this!