Sunday, July 22, 2012

Get Fit | Climbing Stone Mountain

This morning me and three of the other Get Fitters met up at Stone Mountain Park; the goal, to climb the mountain.  In the 8 years that I have lived in Georgia, I have never hiked Stone Mountain let alone any mountain, so I was a bit nervous.  I wasn't sure what to expect or if I could even do it but I was at least determined to give it a try.   Boy, oh boy have I been missing out on a GREAT workout.  We arrived there about 9am and started our hike.  The 1 mile hike (one way) was absolutely amazing…so nice…peaceful…and exactly what I needed to get my head back in the game. 

During the hike, we talked about our progress or lack thereof with the challenge and we shared our plans for getting back on track.  We discussed that although having the support of our family is critical to our success, also having the support of the other contestants was equally important and we agreed to be there for one another…to hold the other accountable…and to encourage each other during those moments of weakness. 

The hike itself was amazing.  It was good to see people young and old, hiking and running up and down the mountain.  Many of those who were heading down encouraged those of us going up, letting us know that we were almost there…or saying “you can do it”.  It was good to see all those people out, moving, and being active.  I felt alive and a part of a community.  It was more than what I had expected and everything that I had hoped for.

It felt good to get out and move, to be one with nature and with God, to clear my head and set a new path, and to bond with the others as we take this journey together.

Stome Mountain (2)

Here’s to better health!

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