Saturday, September 15, 2012

Get Fit | Learning the importance of taking a rest

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Since the end of July I have been putting in the work to lose the weight.  Working out every day and sometimes twice a day has been my primary focus for the past few weeks.  I was committed, focused in shape, for myself, my family and the staff at Suwanee Magazine.  I was doing great, moving at full speed ahead and then one day it all came to a halting stop.  My body crashed.  I was tired…both mentally and physically.  My body was telling me that I needed to rest, to take some time off to simply recover.  You see I was all go, go, go all the time that I never really allowed my body the down time it so desperately needed.  I wasn’t allowing my boy the time it needed to recharge before the next exercise and as a result I was running on empty.

So I took a few weeks off to allow myself to recover.  Now when I say I took some time off, that doesn’t mean that I didn’t work out at all.  It just means that I spaced out my workouts enough to give my body time to repair and recover.  I also decreased the frequency of my workouts as well as the intensity.  Instead of running 3 miles, I would walk for 1 ½ at a moderate pace.  I also spent the “down time” to focus on my eating and correcting some bad habits (like not eating frequently) and also spent some time doing lots and lots of stretches.  The time off was just what I needed, it has allowed me to recover, regroup and refocus on the task at hand and that is getting fit and healthy. 

I learned a valuable lesson in all of this and that is resting is just as important as working out and healthy eating.  Resting allows the body to repair and ready itself for the next workout.  So for the last part of the challenge, I will make a point to incorporate more rest in my routine so that I am able to reach my weight loss goal.

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