Friday, September 14, 2012

Get Fit | Adopting the mindset of an athlete to accomplish my goals

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As I had mentioned in my previous post, last Saturday I along with the other Get Fitters had the pleasure of meeting the Fastest Woman in the World, Dawn Tillman.  One of the takeaways from our meeting with her (and there were many) was a great handout listing 13 mindsets of an athlete that we can adopt to help us reach our weight-loss goals.  So today I thought I would share with you just a few that I am working on incorporating right now.  Remember with anything (weight included) it’s a process and change takes time.  As much as I would like to incorporate all 13 things at once, trying to do so will only result in complete failure.  I find taking a slow and steady approach to everything (weight loss included) is the best approach to take especially if I want the results to be long lasting.  So here are the few that I will be focusing on for the remainder of September.

1.       Preparation - View yourself as a lifelong athlete.  Take responsibility for your overall health and well-being.  Be teachable, trainable and start adopting a winning attitude.  Take some time to study yourself, learn about what drives and motivates you.
2.       Correct Self Dialogue – Learn how to self soothe, become your own coach, cheerleader and change the channel when negative thoughts arise.  Success is not an option for you it is a given!
3.       Dedication – Stay committed to a healthy holistic lifestyle.  Be single minded and do not allow yourself to get distracted.  Be willing to go through the rigors and sacrifices to reach your goals.
4.       Discouragement – Expect it.  Know that it will pass; it’s normal, and when it happens just remember to “keep it moving”.
5.       Faith – Believe in you!  You can reach; even surpass whatever goals that you have set for yourself.  We are all usually stronger that we think.
6.       Visualize – Mentally write your history in advance.  See yourself how you want to be!

With only a few months left in the challenge, it’s time to adjust my mindset to that of an athlete and end this challenge with a BANG!  By adopting these 6 mindsets, I am pretty sure that not only will I meet but I will surpass my weight loss goals.

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