Thursday, March 1, 2012

2012 Suwanee Get Fit Challenge

Well it is official, the 2012 Suwanee Get Fit Challenge has officially begun!  Today the March/April issue of Suwanee Magazine introduced the 6 contestants who are literally baring it all in an effort to beat the battle of the bulge for once and for all!  Three local fitness facilities in the area have teamed up with the magazine to help us set our overall fitness goals and from there will put together a nutrition and exercise program to help us all get healthy.  

This will be my home away from home
For the next 12 months I will be working out with Jake and Levi over at Fit Forward in Suwanee.  On their website they describe themselves as “Suwanee’s best indoor fitness "bootcamp"…WTH!?!?!?!?  What have I gotten myself into???  Okay so now I am starting to get nervous.  This may be more than what I had bargained for but I did sign up to participate and the last time I checked I am NOT a quitter so I called Jake to arrange a visit to go over what I can expect from working out with them.   

No more than 12 people per class
Let me say this, Fit Forward is not your momma’s gym.  What I mean is that their philosophy is that no one is left behind, no one is left out and together we can all accomplish our individual fitness goals.  (okay so I am starting to feel a little better about the whole “bootcamp” thing). At the end of our discussion Jake simply stated that all I needed to do was show up regularly (like 4 times a week) and they would do all the work.  So I am taking him at his word.  

The next step was to have a fitness assessment that following Saturday.  There Levi took my weight (I weigh how much?!?!?) and measurements and then it was off to complete the actual assessment.  Talk about having a WAKE UP call!  Let’s just say this girl is out of shape!  With all the huffing and puffing I was doing at the end of what felt like an eternity (it was really more like 20 minutes), I knew that I had made the right decision and that I was in the right place.   
Not my most flattering side

It’s time to STOP kidding myself and admit that I am FAT…and it’s NOT cute! 

So now the real work begins.  For the next 12 months/52 weeks/366 days (it’s a leap year)/8,784 hours I will document my health and fitness journey and I invite you to come along with me on this crazy ride.  If you’re finally ready to make 2012 YOUR year for getting healthy and fit, then buckle up your seat belt honey and enjoy the ride!

To find out more about the Suwanee Get Fit Challenge and the other contestants check out Suwanee Magazine.   

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